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A touchy subject


Giving voice to a sensitive subject (vaginal health), I worked with the in-house team at Sweet Spot Labs on their content launch.


The goal: 

To establish SSL as a trusted go to in matters of female wellness, raising brand awareness and driving repeat customers. 


The approach:

To provide important information, but in fun,easily digestible ways women wouldn't have to be embarassed about. Ways that would create a community.


The tactics:

Crafting a saucy but simulatneously serious tone, we used then-burgeoning social media, email and an in-house advice columnist "Holly," to expand the consumer base/audience. 


Mission: Millenials


Following the path that led to our success launching California Psychics, the Brand Manager recently hired me to work with the in-house marketing team to help establish voice for Jafra's re-brand.


The goal: 

To introduce Jafra (a more upscale, Avon style cosmetics brand best known in Latin American markets) to American women ages 25 to 40. 


The approach:

To be fashion forward and on-trend without losing relatability or a positive, uplifting message.


The tactics:

To craft down to earth but in the know, shareworthy content to be posted across platforms. More editorial than advertorial; a destination site. 


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